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Based upon original maritime drawings, Bark Endeavour Whitby was built over a 12 month period during 2001/02 by one of Whitby's oldest ship builders  - Parkol Marine Engineers - employed for their specialised knowledge of building traditional sailing vessels..

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The ship's name is partially derived from its traditional 'bark‘ construction, whereby larch planks were meticulously steamed into shape and fastened onto a solid English oak frame. Overall, the ship measures nearly I4 metres in length and 4 metres in width, which is approximately 40% of the original ship‘s size.

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Complete with hardwood decks throughout. there are three masts carved from Douglas Fir; These include the 'mizzen’ at the rear, the 'fore‘ mast at the front and the larger ‘main' mast in the centre - which stands some 12 metres above the deck.

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Considerable attention to detail has been undertaken throughout the construction to ensure that the ship authentically replicates the many features of the original vessel. This includes intricate rigging and carved timber mouldings, which have been added to compliment the design.

For the comfort of today‘s passengers, Bark Endeavour Whitby is powered by two 6 cylinder, 120 HP engines which enables a travelling speed of 9 knots. In addition, the vessel has been fully equipped with the latest safety aids and navigation instruments to enable a secure passage at all times.


Annual Maintenance

Every year the ship is brought ashore and is dry docked to inspect and service to ensure all is 'ship-shape' ready for the new season of travels and adventures.

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